Sep 19

Did you know we have the ability to write our own stories? So often we consider ourselves victims of our own passions, constantly giving in to them while thinking they’re too strong. In this video, Fr. Mike empowers us to live out the vow we make in our Act of Contrition to “avoid the near occasions of sin.” Who knows where the path of life may lead if we simply choose a path other than the one upon which we know temptation lurks?

Sep 18

Homily from the Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

There is no need to fear death, because Jesus has conquered death. And yet, do we approach death the way Jesus approached death? Many of us see death as “natural” or something to be avoided. But Jesus saw death as an enemy to be stared down and battled. And yet, Jesus was not immune to death or grief. Jesus allowed death to break His heart, but He did not allow it to break His hope. As disciples, we must do the same.

Mass Readings from September 17, 2017:
Sirach 27:30—28:7
Psalm 103:1-2, 3-4, 9-10, 11-12
Romans 14:7-9
Matthew 18:21-35

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Sep 13

We can often find ourselves in conversations defending the faith with people of different faiths or atheists, and the question comes up: “What about Matthew 7, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’?” In this video, Father Mike gives some context to that verse as well as some guidance as to when judgment is and isn’t necessary, when it comes to one’s heart and when it comes to one’s actions. We are encouraged to always remember that, within the Father’s love, there is to be no fear in judgment; we belong to Him. And that’s all that matters.

Sep 13

As responsibilities pile up, it’s common for us to worry about getting everything done well and on time. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz suggests an approach to burdens that can help us carry them. Whatever is weighing us down in life—whether it’s a relationship, a list of tasks, or any other hardship—this simple change in perspective that Fr. Mike suggests can lighten the load.

Sep 12

Homily from the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The way we look at the world directs the way we live in the world. Our vision of life, God, ourselves, and other people is called to be shaped and guided by the way Jesus sees them. How would my life be different if I looked at the people near me the way that Jesus looks at them?

Mass Readings from September 10, 2017:
Ezekiel 33:7-9
Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9
Romans 13:8-10
Matthew 18:15-20

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Aug 28

Homily from the Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time.

So many people have been “raised Catholic, but…” They have never embraced the inheritance of the Faith they have been given. They may even have the answers to all of the questions, but those who can say “I’ve been raised Catholic, and…” are those who have actually met the living God. We want to be the kind of community where we don’t just “know about” God, but a group of people who have encountered the God who is present when we are honest.

Mass Readings from August 27, 2017:
Isaiah 22:19-23
Psalm 138:1-2,2-3,6,8
Romans 11:33-36
Matthew 16:13-20

Aug 24

Common wisdom tells us we become the people we spend the most time with, so choose your friends wisely. In this video, Fr. Mike expands upon that advice to encourage Catholics to spend more time with God in prayer, and surround ourselves with people who practice Christian virtue.