Why Newman?

Find out why so many students at UMD make time for Newman amidst in their busy schedules.

“Community is an essence of life, we need each other to survive and community helps us to work together to advance and grow to our full potential. Community is the safe environment that we can be ourselves and are loved for who we are. Newman was a great community that fosters’ both spiritual, physical and academical growth.”

– Benedicth Ukhueduan


“There are a lot of different clubs, teams, and communities on campus but the Newman community is different from the rest. I’ve worked at a couple different places on campus and I’m also a part of a few clubs but Newman provides a way to connect with people on a deeper level, more so than just with your coworkers or club peers.

I choose to serve through Newman because there is an opportunity at every moment to commit to someone or something. What I mean is there are many ways to serve. Either literally serving at mass or participating in the Service Saturday projects that are held throughout the year or perhaps something of your own choosing.”

– Adam Althoff


“College is a time in which people need to ask questions and discover truth.  The Newman Center has provided a wealth of opportunities to grow in faith and become the person I’m to be.

The moment you step into the Newman house you are surrounded by the most dynamic and interesting people you may not have otherwise had the chance to meet.”

– Elizabeth Hafstad


“My girlfriend introduced me to Newman my senior year of high school and I really enjoyed the community and atmosphere. Once I got on campus my freshman year at UMD it was really easy to jump right in and get involved with all great people there!

Between the Father Mike and the missionaries at Newman, I have grown in my faith more than I could ever have imagined would a few years ago.  They just seem to understand me as a college student and where I’m coming from in my faith.  Plus they make it a blast!”

– Nick Vittorio


Get Involved

We hope to see you at Mass. We hope you make time to come by the Newman House and have fun. But most of what we do as a student community is serve others.


Leading Retreats for High Schoolers

We provide college students an opportunity to share their faith with high school students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Mass Ministries

Members of our community are afforded many opportunities to serve in a number of capacities at Mass: extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, lectors, ushers, sacristans, severs, and music ministry.


Service Saturdays

Once a month students give of their time serving others in the Duluth community through a variety of ways.


Mission Trips

We will be taking Mission Trips this school year with other universities.