YouTube Fridays

Aug 24

Common wisdom tells us we become the people we spend the most time with, so choose your friends wisely. In this video, Fr. Mike expands upon that advice to encourage Catholics to spend more time with God in prayer, and surround ourselves with people who practice Christian virtue.

May 13

My name is Stephanie Parks, and I am a Focus Campus Missionary for UMD.
I don’t follow many channels, but I do have a few favorites! Enjoy!

Ultimate Dog Tease
I love a good dog video. And dogs in general. Check out this hilarious talking dog!

#Ham4Ham Playlist

Anyone that has talked to me in the last six months knows of my absolute love of the new Broadway musical Hamilton, which chronicles the life of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton. So of course, I had to include this playlist in my lineup. But what does #Ham4Ham mean?? Well, because tickets are expensive and nearly impossible to come by for this show, the cast has created the “Ham 4 Ham” Lottery, in which twenty front-row seats are raffled off for $10 apiece for each and every show! That means a bill with Hamilton’s face gets you a Hamilton ticket! And, because of the number of people that turn out for the drawing each day, the cast has taken to putting together a short performance every couple of days for all those that are waiting in line to put their names in. Some of the performances happen right outside the theater, while others (like this one) are special features that are filmed ahead of time. I love to stalk this playlist for the day’s Ham 4 Ham performances, which include the cast and crew members and a variety of special guests. It’s the next best thing for those of us who haven’t yet seen the show to pretend we’re there!

I Don’t Understand God Sometimes

I’ve used this video in Bible Study after Bible Study! This guy speaks truth. I studied English in undergrad, so I’m a huge fan of the poetry of his words; but his performance captures the crazy, confusing, joyful, scary, confounding journey that is the Christian life. I think way too often, when we pray, we reduce God to the version of Him that we can understand. We put human limits on His love and mercy. It’s no wonder, then, that we sometimes doubt Him, that we have trouble trusting, that we question His movements. But if we come before Him always remembering that He is Someone who loves us with a love that is far beyond our understanding, we are able to trust just a little more.

May 6

My name is Teddy Colling and I am a freshman in Communications at UMD.


I love Newsboys kinda because I love music and Jesus. This is like the best of both. Not only are they using their God-given talents to proclaim and love and live Him, but they are able to touch the hearts of those who listen intently.
Christopher Stefanick

Chris Stefanick is arguably my favorite speaker, him and Fr. Mike are racing for the gold medal. This man has a way with words and analogies, and in return he makes complex things (like relativism) simple. He takes on difficult, modern tasks and the Holy Spirit speaks through him, making it emotional, powerful, and inspiring.
FOCUS Mission Communications Videos

FOCUS is, well, FOCUS. Helpful, intelligent, fun, and a bunch of other positive adjectives. I really like the way they dive deep into the life of a Catholic and touch on things us Catholics sometimes take for granted.

Apr 29

I’m Robbie Mouton, I’m a Junior Industrial Engineering major! Here are my go-to Youtube Channels:


This dude has some incredible cinematography! He basically goes out and does everything I’ve ever wanted to do, like rope swing off a cliff, jump bikes into a lake, and ride drift trikes! Dude also uses sweet music in his videos!


This guy was born in Hawaii, and moved to LA once he went big. He’s hilarious, making videos making fun of commercials, musical artists, and just about everything else. Also does fun games with his friends like I Dare You, where they have fans write in dares to do, and assign points to them, and play until someone breaks 10 points!

Go Pro

Go Pro’s sponsored channel is sweet. It’s full of nature, sports, and life all captured with Go Pro Cameras. Fly incredibly close to the ground in a wing suit, jump off cliffs with skis, and swim with sharks, all thanks to the first person videos from Go Pro. Another channel full of incredible cinematography.

Apr 15

Studio C

These guys are hilarious, and hilarious in a good, clean, fun way. No one is more loved than the hero of Scott Sterling. Don’t know who he is? Watch this video:

“As his trainer drags him off the field, like a mustached lion drags a gazelle through the Serengeti”

Also have some great Harry Potter skits, like Snape on the Bachelorette.

Finally, just some real funny skits, like this Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Skit

Flyboard – Coolest Water Jet Pack EVER!!!

Check out how to get a Flyboard in the link below! Rocky Mountain Flyboard: These guys are based in Utah and you can rent …

Waffle falling over

In a world full of lies and deceit there is something refreshing about getting exactly what you ask for.

Here are some videos of other things falling over:

Peter O’Donnel is a FOCUS Campus Missionary at UMD.

Mar 11

Well, I don’t have any favorite youtube channels, so I will share with y’all my favorite Pandora Stations!

#1. Lip Sync Road Trip Radio

This station plays all the best songs that were actually your favorite songs that came on during your high school dances. Journey-Don’t Stop Believing, Boston-More Than a Feelin’, and Aerosmith-Dream On. Need I say more?

Good clean music

(They don’t actually play the Glee versions of songs…but this picture will always be epic in my book)


#2. Die a Happy Man- Thomas Rhett Radio

I can’t actually say that I have a favorite type of music, because I like a lot of different genres depending on the circumstances of life. Thomas Rhett Akins and his Wife Lauren Akins are my fav celeb couple right now. They both love Jesus and they have two adorable dogs. Thomas (we are on a first name basis) is a down to earth artist, and I enjoy his mostly upbeat tunes.

928970_1731805113711824_305890661_n (I mean aren’t they adorable, even in ugly Christmas sweaters.)


#3. Brian Regan Radio

I am a sucker for good – clean comedy. Due to my thumbs up and thumbs down, this station plays a lot of Brian Regan and Jeff Gaffigan. Regan’s skits are about real life, everyday things. You will be saying his jokes to impress your friends, or to make them laugh at you. All in good fun though!


Mikaela Chandler Junior- Environmental and Outdoor Education.

Mikaela Chandler – Facebook
Junior- Environmental and Outdoor Education.
University of Minnesota in Duluth

Feb 25

Bad Lip Reading

Some people can read lips really well. Others… not so much. Their own description: “I put words into other people’s mouths.” I’m always astounded by how creative they can make each video. Hearing random words and phrases come out of people’s mouths makes me laugh every time! This channel features fun for everyone! If you’re into sports, drama, TV shows, superheros, music videos, politics; then this is for you!

My favorite of theirs: “MORE NFL”

The Slow Mo Guys

Dan and Gav take high speed HD cameras to capture all sorts of things in slow motion: bubbles bursting, firing a gun underwater, explosions of all sorts, and vomiting. (I know, right?!) It’s a different and interesting way of seeing things in our world, but they don’t stop there. These guys always take things one step further! One great thing is that they take suggestions for videos from viewers, so if you want to see them do something you think would be cool, comment away!

My favorite of theirs: Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K

Screen Junkies

I like watching movies, and so do these guys! From the hilarious Honest Trailers to the wacky interviews to the debate-style Movie Fights, this channel is full of great content! Not only do they make great observations and critiques about movies, but they have fun while doing it!

My favorite of theirs: Honest Trailers- Iron Man

Matt Muhich, Junior at UMD studying Chemical Engineering | Find me on Facebook

Matt Munich, Matt Muhich, Junior at UMD studying Chemical Engineering