2018 RCIA Schedule

The eighth night of Alpha is the first night of overlap into RCIA/Catholicism 101. The schedule starting on that night will be as follows:

October 31:
The Church

November 7:
What is RCIA?  What is Truth?

November 14:
God, Creation, and the Problem of Evil

November 21:
Mary and the Saints

November 28:
Introduction to the Sacraments

December 5:
The Eucharist

December 6?:
Teaching Mass? TBD


Interested In Becoming Catholic?

RCIA/Catholicism 101 truly begins with our Alpha course.  If you are considering coming to RCIA, please come to Alpha.  Our first night will be Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00pm in the Kirby Ballroom.  These evening gatherings will continue for the next eight nights and will lead directly into RCIA.

There is a fancy-schmancy term for how we utilize Alpha.  In the ancient Church, they called it the “pre-catechumenate” and it was a time for people to become acquainted with the basic message of Christianity.  Not only are these first eight weeks a chance to be introduced to (or reminded of) the Gospel, but they are a great chance to meet other people who are asking the same questions that you are.