Would You Like to Find Out About Becoming Catholic?

RCIA/Catholicism 101 truly begins with our Alpha course.  If you are considering coming to RCIA, please come to Alpha.  Our first night will be Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00pm in the Kirby Ballroom.  These evening gatherings will continue for the next eight nights and will lead directly into RCIA.

There is a fancy-schmancy term for how we utilize Alpha.  In the ancient Church, they called it the “pre-catechumenate” and it was a time for people to become acquainted with the basic message of Christianity.  Not only are these first eight weeks a chance to be introduced to (or reminded of) the Gospel, but they are a great chance to meet other people who are asking the same questions that you are.

2018 RCIA Schedule

The eighth night of Alpha is the first night of overlap into RCIA/Catholicism 101. The schedule starting on that night will be as follows:

  • October 31: The Church
  • November 7: What is RCIA?  What is Truth?
  • November 14: God, Creation, and the Problem of Evil
  • November 21: Mary and the Saints
  • November 28: Introduction to the Sacraments
  • December 5: The Eucharist
  • December 6?: Teaching Mass? TBD

Christmas Break

  • January 16: Baptism and Confirmation
  • January 20: Theology of the Body Workshop (note: this is a Saturday event)
  • January 23: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory
  • January 30: Matrimony and Holy Orders
  • February 6: Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick
  • February 13: The Essence of Catholic Morality
  • February 18: Rite of Election at the Cathedral (note: this is a Sunday afternoon)
  • February 20: The First Three Commandments
  • February 27: The Fourth through Tenth Commandments
  • March 6: Spring Break
  • March 13: The Life of Virtue
  • March 20: Review and prep for Holy Week
  • March 26: Chrism Mass (optional)
  • March 27: Reconciliation Service?
  • March 31: Easter Vigil rehearsal 11:00am at the Cathedral
  • Easter Vigil Mass 8:00pm at the Cathedral


There are no upcoming events at this time.