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These first couple of days can be some of the hardest you will ever have on campus.  Yeah, yeah…there will be other time when you are faced with challenges and trials.  But those will come after you have made connections with people and after you’ve come to see Duluth as “home”.

Until then, some of the hardest things to do is leave “Home” and everyone you’ve ever known.

So…now what?

I’m glad you asked.  We at Bulldog Catholic (or Newman Catholic Campus Ministry…whichever you prefer) want to make this transition an awesome experience for you.  To that end, there are a bunch of places that we will be during these first days.

First: the Newman House!

We are located at 421 West Saint Marie Street (just out the Library doors, across the parking lot and across the street).  Even though it just looks like any grayish-bluish house on a corner with a sign in the front yard, it is the Newman House and you are welcome to stop by anytime.  The official hours are from 7 am — 10:00 pm, and you can seriously drop in anytime.

Second: We Like Fire!!

  • There is a bonfire at one of the Newman Men’s Houses Friday Night (515 West Saint Marie Street)
  • There is another bonfire on Saturday
  • And there is another bonfire next Friday at the Newman House! That event is called the “Opening Bonfire” and there are a ton of games, free food, and a keg of root beer.  It’s a great time and you should totally come.

Third: We Like Food!!

Monday night: once Bulldog Bash has ended (and all of your sources of free meals have deserted you!) we host a home-cooked Italian meal for about 300 Freshmen this Monday night.  Come by the Newman House around 5:00 for some delicious food and a welcome distraction from the fact that classes start the next day!

Friday night: Have we mentioned the Opening Bonfire?  There is fire and there is food (so it’s the perfect combination of our love for fire and food).  It starts at 6:29 pm

Fourth: We Like Games!!

Every night we meet at the Newman House to head over to the football stadium (or field Six…behind Newman) for Night Games.

Fifth: We Like to Pray!!

Sunday Mass of Bulldog Bash is at 9:00 am in the Kirby Ballroom.

Normally, Mass is at 10:30 am in the Ballroom and 8:00 pm in the Rafters, but on Bulldog Bash weekend, we only get one Mass so that you don’t miss anything that UMD has planned for you this weekend!

We have a chapel in the Newman House.  Mass is there every day, so come on by.  You can even just walk in and pray if you need a moment to clear your head and get a little quiet prayer.  The door is open and the light is on.

We can’t wait to meet you.  If you need anything, please let us know!

Fr. Mike Schmitz, Shmitz, Smits, Shmits, Schmits, Schmidt

Fr. Mike Schmitz
(218) 728-3757

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  • Friday, August 29: Mass at 12:05 (Newman)
  • Sunday, August 31: Mass at 9:00 am (Ballroom)
  • Monday, September 1: Free Food For Freshman, 5:00 pm at Newman
  • Thursday, September 4: Mass & Meal, 5:30 pm Mass followed by dinner at Newman
  • Friday, September 5: Opening Bonfire, 6:30 pm at Newman
  • Sunday, September 7: 10:30 am Mass, Ballroom8:00 pm Mass, Rafters
  • Thursday, September 11: 11:00 – 2:00, Student Activities Fair, Griggs Beach5:30 pm, Mass & Meal
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