Pack Your Bags: It’s Time for a Retreat

March 27-29, Agate Lake Resort, Brainerd, MN

During Lent, students will be able to seek a deeper union with God as we enter into silence during the solemn season preceding Holy Week and Easter.  Take the chance to take a break from noise and business…and walk with Christ during His Passion.

Recent Ask Fr. Mike

  • Struggling to Believe is Not the Same Thing as Doubting - In your last column, you said you believe everything the Church teaches. What if I struggle with believing? Where does that put me?
  • Defending Traditional Marriages Makes Me a Hater? - It seems like every time I try to explain the Church’s teaching regarding same-sex “marriage” I am accused of being a “bigot” or a “homophobe.” I am told that I “hate” and that it is a violation of a person’s civil rights to say that they cannot marry whomever they want. How do I respond?
  • Angry With God? Tell Him How You Feel - How can I pray to God when I am so disappointed in him? I am often angry at God because it feels like nothing I do ever works out. It feels hypocritical to then just go and tell God that everything is OK. Things aren’t OK in my life!


MARCH 2015

  • 27-29 Silent Retreat – Agate Lake Resort, Brainerd, MN, depart from Newman at 4:00 pm, Friday, Return by 3:00 pm Sunday.
  • 30 Chrism Mass, 5:00 pm Cathedral, Duluth
  • 31 Reconciliation Service – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, location TBD

APRIL 2015

  • 2 Holy Thursday/Seder Supper 5:30 pm, location TBD
  • 4 Easter Vigil Party, Vigil, 8:00 pm at Cathedral, party following vigil Mass at Newman.
  • 11 Service Saturday, TBD
  • 17-19 Confirmation Retreat (Hibbing)- Depart from Newman at 3:30 pm Friday afternoon, return by 8:00 pm Saturday night


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Fr. Mike

Fr. Mike Chaplain at UMD Newman

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