Bonfire on Friday!

Why: Because we’re finishing this school year with a bang!

When: Friday, April 29, beginning at 6:29PM at the Newman House.

What: There will be an awesome white tent. Tons of food, grilled and otherwise. Rootbeer keg. There will be indoor and outdoor games…including night games. Music.

Who: All UMD Students and Friends

Where: The Newman Nouse


Bailey FOCUS Missionary from Greenbush, MN

Mosquitoes are my kryptonite. I resist technology because I don’t learn it easily. I like to joke around. Meet Bailey


Ben FOCUS Missionary from Cuba City, WI

Adventure, banana cake, Jesus Christ and His Church that is what I am all about. Meet Ben


Stephanie FOCUS Missionary

I have rules. Saturdays are for blogging, reading, and eating cookie dough. Meet Stephanie


Peter FOCUS Missionary

I really like this shirt that they gave me. Look at it! Meet Peter

Fr. Mike

Fr. Mike Chaplain at UMD Newman

I love being in Duluth and I love being a priest. Coffee is good too. Meet Fr. Mike