“I like the community of Newman because of the true relationships you can build there. I can tell the people of Newman are sincere in every sense of the word. They genuinely care about me and are a people I can be around that always push me to better. The community of Newman has become a team I can run with through the journey of life. We build each other up each day. And, to have a group of friends in college that genuinely care for you, is critical. They humble me every day by there immediate desire to serve those around them, and it generates an environment like no other. To me, the Newman center here in Duluth is not a community but a family. One that lives to grow stronger in faith and love by uplifting and serving those around them.”

Niko Wallace

“I love that it’s like a big family and how we just get to share life together in a unique way. It’s such a gift to have brothers and sisters to run with and pursue Jesus together!”

Bridget Dunn

“My favorite part of the Newman community is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. I have met some of my closest friends by attending events put on by Newman, and it is so cool how we are all able to make those friendships and move together towards Christ. It really makes you feel like you are part of a community, and that is something that can really help anyone who is moving away from home for the first time.”

Joey Grillo

“I believe that students should come to events to grow in community with those around them. We see that Christ designed us for this kind of relationship as He lived day and night with His own disciples. Mass brings us together to worship the way God wants us to, bible study helps us understand the voice of our shepherd, and the Rosary allows our Mother to bring us to Her Son. This will make the lives of students better by providing opportunities to learn about how our Lord is reaching out to us, both spiritually, and physically through others.”

Ross Schultz

“If you’re another student already attending UMD, bulldogCatholic is waiting for you! We want for you to come and show yourself at our events (shown on our website and our Facebook page): Bible Study, Morning Prayer, Rosary Night, Daily or Sunday Mass, or anything on our calendar. Why? Well, it’s simple actually. You are loved, you are important, and you are invited! I cannot overstate the amount of outpouring joy and receptivity I was met with the first time I walked through the door at the Newman House. The real game-changer though, is entering into God’s presence in the Adoration Chapel, and the best part of that is there are no pre-requisites–just show up, as you are!”

Teddy Colling

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year?

“Being involved with the Newman Center has made the transition away from home so much easier. I would 10/10 recommend getting involved with a Catholic community on your campus! It helps you to encounter the Lord in a new way and form authentic friendships with others who are also striving for holiness!”

Natalie Cahill

“Students should come to events to experience what God has to offer through the community or otherwise. Events are a great way to enjoy yourself, meet some cool folks, and maybe even learn something about God (or yourself) while you’re at it.”

Dean Kuettel

“The community of Newman is incredible, I honestly believed they were too happy before I became Catholic. Now I’m one of them, and I can honestly say the happiness and joy is genuine. I think the reason why the community is so phenomenal is because we all have the same goal of getting to heaven and becoming saints. Also, we have all been through hardships, and we all remember the difference that one friend or family member made in helping us get through it, and we all want to pay that compassion forward to whoever needs it next.”

Zachary Klemer

“Newman has provided me an opportunity to encounter the Lord through authentic friendships. These friendships have allowed for me to know the Lord in a way that has transformed my life. Encountering the Lord has allowed me to know my worth which has developed more confidence in all areas of my life.”

Savanna Metzger

There are a whole lot of events in the repertoire of Bulldog Catholic. There is daily Mass, Rosary, millions of Bible Studies, retreats, conferences, volunteer opportunities, RCIA, and the list goes on. Participating in these events is a fantastic way to pursue truth, learn more about the faith, grow deeper in the faith, serve others, and not to mention meet some really cool people. Some of the best friends I have made in college I met through these events, and I would highly recommend them.

Jimmy Kaiser

“My advice to high school seniors would be to plan on going to many of the Newman events right away in the year. While the community is just as welcoming if you don’t get involved until later, it can be much easier to get involved when everyone else is just getting to know people too. If you wait until later in the year because you aren’t sure about it, then you might feel like everyone already know each other by the time you want to join. Also, sticking around for a few minutes after any of the masses is great way to meet people! Many people stay and talk after mass, and it can be a great time to introduce yourself to people who you know care about their faith. On that note, even before college starts, make a commitment to going to mass every Sunday. After all, if you don’t spend time with the Lord regularly, you have bigger things to worry about than your upcoming classes and making friends.”

Justin Bloch