2023-2024 Missionaries


Our 2023-2024 FOCUS Missionaries… From left to right we have Gabby, Noah, Katie, Jack, and Abby. Please, pray for us!

2022-2023 Missionaries


Our 2022-2023 FOCUS Missionaries… From left to right we have Katie, Noah, Brady, and Emmalyne. Please, pray for us!

2021-2022 Missionaries


Our 2021-2022 FOCUS Missionaries… From left to right we have Brady, Lauren, Neal, and Emmalyne. Please, pray for us!

2020-2021 Missionaries


Our 2020-2021 FOCUS Missionaries… From left to right we have Tim Heyrman, Maria Grygleski, Lauren Hopke, and Neal Anderson (Newest to the team!). Year 2020-2021, we are ready for ya!

2019-2020 Missionaries


Our 2019-2020 FOCUS Missionaries… From left to right we have Joshua Fons (returning for another year! 🎉), Maria Grygleski, Lauren Hopke (returning for another year! 🎉),  Mikayla Gottwalt, and last but not least, Tim Heyrman (also, returning for another year! 🎉). It is going to be a great year!

2018-2019 Missionaries


Our 2018-2019 FOCUS Missionaries… Traci Kulesa is in the middle. To the left is Stephanie Parks, to the right is Lauren Hopke in the adorable flower shirt. The guy in the blue tie and a weak beard is Joshua Fons. And back for another epic year is Tim Heyrman. He’s wearing glasses because he is smart.

2017-2018 Missionaries


L to R: Our 2018 FOCUS Missionaries… Tim Heyrman, Stephanie Parks, Traci Kulesa, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Katie Hellmann, Andrew Helman.

2016-2017 Missionaries


Top: Ben Berning (left), Peter O’Donnell, Traci Kulesa, Megan Carlson. Bottom: Stephanie Parks (left), Bailey Berning (right). Yes, Bailey and Ben got married and are living happily ever after!

2015-2016 Missionaries


Left to Right: Ben Berning, Stephanie Parks, Peter O’Donnell, Bailey Brazier

2014-2015 Missionaries

FOCUS Missionaries at University of Minnesota Duluth, UMD, Bulldog Catholic

Left to Right: Rosalin Schlosser, Joe Richards, Ben Berning, and Bailey Brazier