2017-2018 Missionaries


L to R: Our 2018 FOCUS Missionaries… Tim Heyrman, Stephanie Parks, Traci Kulesa, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Katie Hellmann, Andrew Helman.

2016-2017 Missionaries


Top: Ben Berning (left), Peter O’Donnell, Traci Kulesa, Megan Carlson. Bottom: Stephanie Parks (left), Bailey Berning (right). Yes, Bailey and Ben got married and are living happily ever after!

2015-2016 Missionaries


Left to Right: Ben Berning, Stephanie Parks, Peter O’Donnell, Bailey Brazier

2014-2015 Missionaries

FOCUS Missionaries at University of Minnesota Duluth, UMD, Bulldog Catholic

Left to Right: Rosalin Schlosser, Joe Richards, Ben Berning, and Bailey Brazier