Kennedy H.

Expected Graduation: Spring of 2025

Major: Biology B.S.(Genetics & Cell Development)

What’s your major and your expected graduation?
Biology B.S.(Genetics & Cell Development); Spring 2025

What are your hobbies/interests?
I enjoy reading, dancing, anything that’s active, and spending time with friends, typically drinking coffee or celebrating the arts to some capacity (I love plays and musicals.)

What is your favorite part about being a part of the BulldogCatholic community?
The feeling of having a second (massive) family. I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know, and I’m never far from someone who truly cares about how I’m doing and more importantly, my path to heaven.

Why did you choose UMD for college?
I chose UMD academically because of SCSE’s strong Biology Department and an ability to focus on genetics. I chose UMD personally because of Duluth’s combination of city and outdoors, so the ability to choose peaceful hiking or fun people-packed events gave me a sense of versatility that I was attracted to.

Why should someone come to a Bulldog Catholic event?
To feel at home. It’s hard to be away from family, and walking into a Bulldog Catholic event, inevitably, you will strike up conversations with people who want to get to know you and care about your day, as a family member would.

What would you tell a high school senior looking for the right college?
Visit not only the campus but also take the time to be a tourist within the city, too. (Odds are you’ll be spending 4 years here, guarantee there are things that will entertain and build you as a person in your free time.) Get a feel for the community as a whole, not just the campus. Look at clubs online. Scope out community on campus.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned while in college?
Studying for exams is not just a night-before quick look over the notes tasks…it is a process. An unfortunately long process.

Who is your favorite Saint and quote from them?
“Do small things with great love.”- St. Teresa of Calcutta

Where is your dream vacation spot? Why?
I want to go on a tour of all of the Scandinavian countries, but if I had to choose one, it’d be Norway. The image of the northern lights over a non-light polluted village of bright colored houses on the waterfront port, lives rent-free in my mind. I imagine the northern lights dance hardest in Norway.

If you could shrink any animal to puppy-size, what animal would you own?
A SNOW LEOPARD!! I love cats to begin with but come on…the neck fluff of a tiger, mesmerizing markings against the white fur, and the huge paws, but shrunken, how could I resist.