Homily from the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

“When it comes to Jesus, He is going to be so patient with you. There is room to fail in grace. But do not be deceived, Jesus will not settle for a sub-par life. In Christ, there is room to fail. And in grace, there is room to sin ehen it comes to life with Christ (not that we plan on it.) …But there is room to fall down, there is room to make mistakes. Why? Because in the spiritual life and in following Christ, I don’t care how long you have been doing it…we are all, in this room, beginners. Which is good news, because beginners have room to fail. Beginners can ask question. Beginners need help.”

Mass Readings from September 9, 2012:
Isaiah 35:4-7
James 2:1-5
Mark 7:31-37