Sin and Heaven. NBD?

There are plenty of lessons that we learn as we go through this world by way of "compare and contrast”.  We say things like, “This lemonade is sour”.  In comparison to what?  Well, possibly in [...]

At A Loss

I find myself facing situations where I just don’t know what to do.  I feel like I am out of my depth, but I have responsibilities and people still look to me to have an answer.  What am I [...]

Advice for Parents

A personal life committed to excellence and holiness.  I think that all parents learn (like all priests quickly learn), that giftedness is limited.  All parents make mistakes.  No parent is [...]

Meaning of Suffering

God has the ability to bring good out of evil.  You already know this.  You know the story of how God was able to use to evil of Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery to bring about the good [...]

Church Teaching about Ghosts

We believe in the Communion of Saints. That the Church exists on three “planes”: Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory. I recently heard it said, “the manifestation of ghosts is when the Church [...]