Homily from the Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

“Here is the secret: Jesus Himself was free from that slavery to be significant, He was free from the slavery to be jealous. There was no one more significant, whoever walked the face of this Earth, than Jesus. No one more powerful, no one more wise, no one with as much to offer. But what did He do? What was the most significant thing that He wanted us to remember? At one point, the miracles were stripped away. At another point, His beauty was stripped away. At another point, His power is stripped away. Even His ability to move is stripped away as all of His clothes are stripped away. And all we’re left with is this image of this insignificant Man on this insignificant Wood of this insignificant tree.”

Mass Readings from September 23, 2012:
Wisdom 2:12,17-20
James 3:16-4:3
Mark 9:30-37