Homily from the Solemnity of Christ the King.

“When you were baptized, you were brought into a family. That family is called the Church. And if you want to belong to Him, you have to belong to it. If today I’m going to worship Christ the King and I’m going to say ‘Jesus is my King,’ what I have to realize now is that I am part of a Kingdom. And if I am part of a Kingdom, if I am part of a family, then that family is going to be able to make demands on me. …We can’t weigh the Church based off of the people who don’t listen to the Church and apply it’s teachings, what we have to do is weigh the Church based off it’s saints.”

Mass Readings from November 25, 2012:
Deuteronomy 7:13-14
Revelation 1:5-8
John 18:33-37