Homily from the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

“The Gospel story for tonight is the story of Gabriel coming to Mary, and we know what happens right after this. … Mary doesn’t know what is going to happen. She didn’t choose that circumstance. She simply said yes to God’s plan. She didn’t choose that battle. But you know what’s going to happen, not only is she going to give birth as a single Mom, she is going to give birth to GOD, which is, I don’t know, relatively overwhelming to any fourteen-year-old I imagine. … Mary knows, ‘I am going to go into battle. I am going into a circumstance that I did not choose, that I do not have control over, that is bigger than me.’ What is the first thing that Mary does, the first thing Our Lady of Victory does when she goes into battle? She gives up praise. What is praise? … It is the bold and courageous assertion that even though my circumstances change, God doesn’t change. Even though my battle changes, God doesn’t change. And even though my problems change, God, You do not change.”

Mass Readings from October 5, 2014:
Acts 1:12-14
Romans 8:28-30
Luke 1:26-38

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