Homily from Christmas Day.

“I could present this morning an argument for God’s existence, an argument for Jesus being God, an argument that Jesus established His Catholic Church, all of those arguments. And all of those arguments could change your mind, I believe that 100%. But the thing is this: arguments change minds. But you need something else to change a heart. It’s a Person that changes hearts, it’s Love that changes hearts. … God is your soul mate. He is the One your heart is made for. It’s actually not your spouse, it’s not your kids, it’s not your future spouse, it’s not the person I want to meet someday and marry someday. They are not your soul mate. Jesus Christ is the One your hearts were made for. And what we celebrate today, and what we pray for today, is that we not just hear another argument about Jesus or another argument about God, but that we actually get to meet the One our hearts were made for, and to let that change us. Because arguments won’t do it. We need something deeper to change our hearts.”

Mass Readings from December 25, 2014:
Isaiah 52:7-10
Hebrews 1:1-6
John 1:1-18