Bad Lip Reading

Some people can read lips really well. Others… not so much. Their own description: “I put words into other people’s mouths.” I’m always astounded by how creative they can make each video. Hearing random words and phrases come out of people’s mouths makes me laugh every time! This channel features fun for everyone! If you’re into sports, drama, TV shows, superheros, music videos, politics; then this is for you!

My favorite of theirs: “MORE NFL”

The Slow Mo Guys

Dan and Gav take high speed HD cameras to capture all sorts of things in slow motion: bubbles bursting, firing a gun underwater, explosions of all sorts, and vomiting. (I know, right?!) It’s a different and interesting way of seeing things in our world, but they don’t stop there. These guys always take things one step further! One great thing is that they take suggestions for videos from viewers, so if you want to see them do something you think would be cool, comment away!

My favorite of theirs: Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K

Screen Junkies

I like watching movies, and so do these guys! From the hilarious Honest Trailers to the wacky interviews to the debate-style Movie Fights, this channel is full of great content! Not only do they make great observations and critiques about movies, but they have fun while doing it!

My favorite of theirs: Honest Trailers- Iron Man

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Matt Munich, Matt Muhich, Junior at UMD studying Chemical Engineering