Well, I don’t have any favorite youtube channels, so I will share with y’all my favorite Pandora Stations!

#1. Lip Sync Road Trip Radio

This station plays all the best songs that were actually your favorite songs that came on during your high school dances. Journey-Don’t Stop Believing, Boston-More Than a Feelin’, and Aerosmith-Dream On. Need I say more?

Good clean music

(They don’t actually play the Glee versions of songs…but this picture will always be epic in my book)


#2. Die a Happy Man- Thomas Rhett Radio

I can’t actually say that I have a favorite type of music, because I like a lot of different genres depending on the circumstances of life. Thomas Rhett Akins and his Wife Lauren Akins are my fav celeb couple right now. They both love Jesus and they have two adorable dogs. Thomas (we are on a first name basis) is a down to earth artist, and I enjoy his mostly upbeat tunes.

928970_1731805113711824_305890661_n (I mean aren’t they adorable, even in ugly Christmas sweaters.)


#3. Brian Regan Radio

I am a sucker for good – clean comedy. Due to my thumbs up and thumbs down, this station plays a lot of Brian Regan and Jeff Gaffigan. Regan’s skits are about real life, everyday things. You will be saying his jokes to impress your friends, or to make them laugh at you. All in good fun though!


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Junior- Environmental and Outdoor Education.
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