The other week during prayer, I had images come into my head, so I wrote them down. I made a little poem.

Brutal Consolation

I see

Jesus on the cross

I’m looking into His eyes

All the gruesomeness around Him, I see

His body and face are torn up

It’s ugly, bloody, and I want to turn away

But I can’t, because His eyes are locked onto mine

And those eyes are staring at me with such love

That I can’t help but be drawn close and want to be

With Him and comfort Him as He comforts me

His face is tired, His breath is ragged and shallow,

His arm twitches, His fingers are purple and white

But all around me is this love and warmth

I feel different, not bad, but different

I feel almost empty, but completely full

I know why it feels different

I’m no longer broken, I’m whole

I am clean, because His blood has washed over me

I am perfected in His love.

I hope that this leads you into deeper prayer or maybe a look at Jesus that you haven’t thought of before.


-Matt Muhich