My name is Teddy Colling and I am a freshman in Communications at UMD.


I love Newsboys kinda because I love music and Jesus. This is like the best of both. Not only are they using their God-given talents to proclaim and love and live Him, but they are able to touch the hearts of those who listen intently.
Christopher Stefanick

Chris Stefanick is arguably my favorite speaker, him and Fr. Mike are racing for the gold medal. This man has a way with words and analogies, and in return he makes complex things (like relativism) simple. He takes on difficult, modern tasks and the Holy Spirit speaks through him, making it emotional, powerful, and inspiring.
FOCUS Mission Communications Videos

FOCUS is, well, FOCUS. Helpful, intelligent, fun, and a bunch of other positive adjectives. I really like the way they dive deep into the life of a Catholic and touch on things us Catholics sometimes take for granted.