1. That things were going to change.

We all know that it’s a big change to go from high school to college. And we know that the college experience changes from week to week. 

But even more changes follow that:

  • Your friends change.
  • Your outlook towards classes change.
  • You major might change.
  • Your feelings towards home changes too.

All of these and more are going to change, a lot. But this is the thing that I think our generation may finally be able to understand: change is not a bad thing!

God loves you no matter what your situation is, but He loves you way too much to leave you where you are at. He wants you to be even closer to Him! These changes are some of His ways to show you His love for you.

2. That I would be tempted like never before.

As a freshman, you are given a massive amount of responsibility in a very short amount of time.

This can be a time to grow immensely or a time to lose your way. But no matter what the outcome is, the constant for any situation is that you will be tempted to sin. Any opportunity for grace and strength is also an opportunity for sin and weakness. These situations arise a lot in college because you are able to do what you want with your time. Knowing this ahead of time will help you to point these situations out and choose grace. And if you do fall (I know I did), know that the sacrament of Confession is just a walk away to your Newman center.

3. That My faith would keep me going.

In the midst of change and temptation, God is your only constant.

Throughout all the trials; the times I want to procrastinate, the many finals weeks to come, the times my friends don’t act like my friends, the relationships that don’t turn out the way that you want, and when you just don’t want to be in class – my faith is what kept me going. It keeps me grounded. I’m not just floating aimlessly through college, but I know where I want to go and what I have to do to get there.

I don’t worry about a lot of these things as much as others, because I know what is ultimately important: getting to Heaven. The times that I’ve fallen away from the faith (especially freshman year) are the times that I needed it most, and I realized that and returned with joy.