February Highlights!

Upperclassman Retreat

Over 30 soon-to-be graduates attended the Upperclassman Retreat. There was a chance to pray and reflect on their experience in college as well as plan and prepare for the future!

  • “My highlight was simply seeing how supported we all are now and in the future. It makes the next step in life less scary knowing that I have so many people rooting for me!” – UMD Student
  • “Our gifts should be shown in our everyday work. We are not made to simply be working for the weekend.” – UMD Student
  • “A big takeaway for me was that the concept of rest doesn’t mean “doing nothing”. It is intentionally honoring God through the gifts and interests He has given us.” – UMD Student

Theology of the Body

A record number of attendees, of over 200 people, came to hear the deepest meaning of life and love revealed in and through our bodies.