2018-2019 Households

Each Household member commits to embrace & live the Newman Mission & Core Values Mission: To help the un-churched become disciples and equip disciples to become apostles.

Core Values:

  • Catholic: We are rooted in and faithful to the life and teaching of the Catholic Church. Discipleship: We strive to imitate Christ; to be formed in and live out the truths of the Gospel.
  • Community: We initiate and build personal relationships with university students and young adults. We foster environments where Christian life is actively supported and expressed.
  • Evangelistic: We live and share the conviction that the fullest way to life, truth and freedom is found through personally following Jesus Christ.

Three-fold purpose of the Household:

  1. Formation
  2. Evangelization
  3. Fellowship

Practical commitments to live the Newman Mission & Core Values

  1. Formation: To lean into the spiritual disciplines the Church can offer. To be willing to engage in the spiritual battle on a daily basis for the sake of one’s own soul and for the soul’s of one’s brothers and sisters.

a. To participate actively and faithfully in a daily Holy Hour at the Newman House.

i. Morning Prayer includes the Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration, and personal prayer.

b. To seek out the Sacraments, particularly Mass and Confession on a regular basis.

i. Confession at least once per month.

c. To participate weekly in a Bible Study (FOCUS, Bible Timeline, or Other)

  1. Evangelization: To participate regularly in Newman programs and events with the purpose ofbuilding community and drawing others into community life.a. Expressions of this commitment include entering into one-on-ones, leading Bible-Study/small-groups, and having an overall attitude of evangelism and service.A calendar of activities and events will be established at Household Kick-off.
  2. Fellowship: To establish committed relationships with all Household members.Expressions of this commitment include spending time together, serving one another with time and talents, praying for and with each other, and resolving conflict quickly and appropriately.

a. To have an evening meal together 2-4 evenings a week for one hour.

Each Household member will participate in the meal preparation or cleaning after the meal through a regular rotation during the week.

Frequency and dates for Household Dinner will be decided by each Household.

  1. To keep the property in good order, this includes household grounds (e.g. raking, shoveling, mowing).Each Household member is responsible for assigned chores.Every week each Household member is expected to have their assigned chore completed by time determined by household members.
  2. To pay rent by the 1st day of each month.

i. Rent is based around the semester: Fall (September – December), Spring (January – May), Summer option (June – August).

  1. Total Fall rent per person: $1900
  2. Total Spring rent per person: $2375
    1. Total Summer rent per person: $975
    2. Rent can be broken down per month as:
      1. Room: $325
      2. Utilities: $75
      3. Food: $75
  1. Household members may move in the weekend before the semester begins and are expected to move out within a week of the termination of the semester unless other arrangements are made. This is so that there is suitable time to repair and clean the houses.
  2. Management reserves the right to consider the household contract broken if commitments are flagrantly violated.
  3. This agreement states that the house member, while maintaining current student status, will be held responsible for the entire housing charge for the academic year.
  4. The Diocese of Duluth and/or Newman Center is not responsible for lost or damaged property belonging to the house member, whether it is in the house member’s room or common area. The Newman Center encourages all residents to carry appropriate personal property insurance.
  5. Each household member is responsible for the key issued to him/her by Newman Center. In the event the household member loses, misplaces, or destroys his/her key, the Newman Center will assess a re-keying and replacement fee.

4. To respect the decisions of the Household leaders.

In case of a disagreement with a Household leader’s decision, Household members can appeal to the respective Household supervisor.

General Attitudes needed to live Household life well

  • Generosity
  • Service
  • Hospitality
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Mercy
  • Patience
  • Desire to grow in Christian character