Caley K

Expected Graduation: Spring 2026

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What’s your major and your expected graduation?
Mechanical Engineering, graduating May 2026

What are your hobbies/interests?
I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and camping, weightlifting and being active, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the Bulldog Catholic community?
My favorite thing about being a part of the Bulldog Catholic community is how easy it is to get involved. Newman is filled with amazing people who want you to be involved with everything that is offered. There are so many bible studies, daily masses, and weekly events that encourage growth of friendship and faith, and growth as a person. You can go to any event and know that you are surrounded by people who desire your good and are striving for the same goals.

Why did you choose UMD for college?
I chose UMD for college because it felt like home. I had toured another college, but it didn’t compare to the beauty of Duluth. UMD also has a pretty good engineering program, so that was a big draw as well.

Why should someone come to a Bulldog Catholic event?
Someone should come to a Bulldog Catholic event because it is the most welcoming community ever. Everyone is ready and willing to make a new friend. You can start a conversation with anyone and by the end of it you will be friends. Bulldog Catholic events are ALWAYS a great time, you must come prepared to have fun. Whether it is Bingo/Singo, RCIA, themed parties at the missionary’s house, you will make new friends and have lots of fun in the process.

What would you tell a high school senior looking for the right college?
Find the place where you know you can flourish. Look at your program offered, look at the surrounding city, look at campus life, but most of all, look for the place where you can grow spiritually. I knew of Bulldog Catholic before coming to UMD, but I didn’t know the vibrant community that was present. Now, I am so glad I came to UMD and the Newman Center. It was here that I found my closest friends, and I knew they were good, faithful people that would support me no matter what. So my advice is find the place that will bear the most fruit in your life through education, friends and faith. (PSST… UMD can provide all these things, you should come check it out. We want you here).

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned while in college?
The biggest lesson I have learned in college is to keep a good sleep schedule and exercise. You’ll feel a lot better. Freshman year my nights lasted until twelve, one, two a.m. and I wouldn’t get up to work out in the morning and I was a lot more tired. Sophomore year, I go to sleep at ten thirty, eleven and can get up early in the morning to work out. I feel so much more awake, so much more engaged with friends, homework, and Newman. I’ve also been able to pray a daily holy hour even on the most exhausting of days, which is a great opportunity to rest in the presence of Jesus.

Who is your favorite Saint and quote from them?
My favorite saint is Mary, the Mother of God. If you don’t know a lot about Mama Mary, she is awesome, and I would recommend learning about her. Ask one person at Newman, and they can most likely go off about how amazing she is. My favorite quote of hers is her fiat, her yes to Angel Gabriel. “Let it be done unto me according to thy word.” I strive to have Mary’s faith and trust in the Lord every day. She is an inspiration and guiding light to everyone.

What has been your favorite memory in college?
My favorite memory has been nights with my friends. We have nicknamed ourselves the shenanigang for the crazy shenanigans we get up to. We’ve done everything from putting eight people in a five-person car to go to Kwik Trip, to watching the northern lights, to a truth-or-dare phase that we don’t talk about. We’ve spent nights chilling out watching a movie or doing homework and a night where we said we were going to be chill, but instead had a wrestling tournament. My college experience would not be the same without them beside me for school, faith, and life.

What’s the most useless talent you have?
I think the most useless talent I have is the sheer amount of chocolate I have the ability to eat. Given the choice between anything else and chocolate, or chocolate flavored, or that has chocolate in it, I will choose the chocolate. And if you can’t finish your chocolate item, I will take it, because chocolate should not go to waste.