Sam Carlson

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Major: Majoring in communication and minoring in philosophy

Why did you choose UMD for college?

I transferred to UMD after attending the University of Kansas for two years. I chose to transfer to UMD because it was closer to home for me and I knew I was looking for a good Catholic community after getting involved in my Newman Center at KU. After switching my major for the 5th time spring 2020, I will be graduating Spring 2021.

What are your hobbies/interests?

I love to be outside hiking or playing sports in my free time. I grew up playing all kinds of sports so I love to be active whenever I can.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the BulldogCatholic community?

The best part about the BulldogCatholic community is it is not a club. You don’t just go there and never see the people again until the next club meeting. You see them daily if you want to. The BulldogCatholic community has become my extended family!

Why should someone come to a Bulldog Catholic event?

If you are looking for authentic friendships then come on by to a Bulldog Catholic event!

What would you tell a Senior in high school who is looking for the right college?

High school can be the best and worst time in some people’s lives. If you are looking for a new beginning or looking to continue those high school memories with college memories then UMD is the place to be.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned while in college?

College goes by fast. If you live in the past you’re going to miss the best memories right in front of you. I try to live my life with joy each day.

Who is your favorite Saint and quote from them?

My favorite saint, Saint Thomas More said “I do not care very much what men say of me, provided that God approves of me.” I try to live by this to experience joy daily!

What is your “go to” activity to do with your crew?

My go to activity with the BulldogCatholic community is Frisbee Friday! This was just started this year, but it has turned out to be one the best memories of being at UMD for a little of a year.

Where is your dream vacation spot?

I’d love to travel the world specifically to some of the least visited countries in the world.