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Mass is at the center of all that we are and all that we do at Newman Catholic Campus Ministries. The primary goal of the Student Leadership Team is to make Mass the highpoint of people’s week. We serve as lectors, ushers, sacristans, servers, and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Many of us also serve by singing and playing music for the liturgy.

We also divide up to fulfill key roles in our community through four different teams:

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We hope to show the face of Christ to others through service:

  • Service Saturday
  • Mission Trips (domestic and international)
  • Service Projects
  • Giving Tree
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A lot happens at Newman, and out job is to let everyone on campus know:

  • Promote events at Tuesday Table.
  • Update the website, send email reminders
  • Build community and promote events through consistent use of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Design posters and hang them up on campus and in dorms.
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Our primary goal is to build community and provide a welcoming environment at Mass. But we also host other events throughout the year:

  • Opening & Closing Bonfire
  • Christmas Decorating
  • Christmas Party
  • Acoustic Guitar Competition
  • FOCUS Conference
  • Retreats
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Everyone has something to give, and we help show people where their gifts can be put to good use through our newsletters. We also invite people to alumni events:

  • Alumni Christmas Party
  • Seder Mass
  • Golf Tournament
  • 5K
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“I have found myself and found my faith though Newman and the Mass. I want to be able to give back to the organization which has already given me so much. Serving on the Leadership Team at Newman has given me a chance to take ownerships, interject my opinions, and help create a program that is inviting and inspiring to many.”

-Ayla Erickson