Bridget Dunn

Expected Graduation: May 2020

Major: Communication

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

“Hiking, running, having good conversations with friends (especially at coffee shops :)), playing spike ball.”

What is your favorite view in Duluth?

“Driving into Duluth from back home- with the lift bridge, hillside and shoreline!”

What do you like about the community at Newman?

“I love that it’s like a big family and how we just get to share life together in a unique way. It’s such a gift to have brothers and sisters to run with and pursue Jesus together!”

Why should other students at UMD come to an event? 

“We’re all searching for something more, and ultimately someone who will satisfy our hearts completely. The Mass, Bible studies, and morning prayer are powerful places of encounter with Jesus. Saying yes to the Lord by just showing up to events like these will allow Jesus to give you fullness of life, a new-found hope, freedom, and joy.”

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year? 

“It’s totally normal to be anxious coming to a new place and starting a new chapter in life, but getting involved at the Newman center will be a huge help and a place to meet some incredible people, come to know how loved you really are, and grow in intimacy with Jesus!”