Dean Kuettel

Expected Graduation: Fall of 2021

Major: Chemical Engineering

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

“Fly fishing, motorcycling, hiking, and studying Scripture!”

What is your least favorite trend?

“Memes are my least favorite trend”

What was your biggest surprise about college? 

“The most surprising thing about college was the absence of an age barrier. The seniors have the same status as the freshman and everyone is a peer.”

What do you like about the community at Newman?

“I really like the atmosphere created by the Newman community at UMD. There’s an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement that a lot of college kids need from their peers.”

Why should other students at UMD come to an event? 

“Students should come to events to experience what God has to offer through the community or otherwise. Events are a great way to enjoy yourself, meet some cool folks, and maybe even learn something about God (or yourself) while you’re at it.”

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year? 

“I would like to confirm that your relationships with friends will make you who you are. If you find friends who party and do drugs, you won’t be the person you could be. But, if you find friends who are running towards virtue and self improvement, you will leave college knowing how to live joyfully and live well. Both groups of people are present on campus, and you will have to choose. So put thought into the kind of people you surround yourself with because it makes all the difference.”