Jimmy Kaiser

What do you like about the community at Newman?

The Newman community is pretty awesome. There is a lot to say about what I personally like about it but I’ll keep it short. Almost everyone you interact with is genuine and is either interested in the faith or is actively putting God first in their lives (it’s typically the latter). It is truly inspiring to be in a community where everyone takes their faith seriously and is striving to be a better version of themselves. Oh, and I also appreciate that a good sense of humor seems to be a shared value in the community.”

Why should other students at UMD come to an event? 

There are a whole lot of events in the repertoire of Bulldog Catholic. There is daily Mass, Rosary, millions of Bible Studies, retreats, conferences, volunteer opportunities, RCIA, and the list goes on. Participating in these events is a fantastic way to pursue truth, learn more about the faith, grow deeper in the faith, serve others, and not to mention meet some really cool people. Some of the best friends I have made in college I met through these events, and I would highly recommend them.

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year? 

“I have a few words of advice for any incoming students. Stay persistent in prayer and trusting in God. College is a big decision, let alone deciding which major and career path to choose. Whether or not you know what you want to do coming into college, it is important to stay focused and committed to giving your best effort. The majority of your schedule in college is up to you so it’s at your discretion to prioritize and time manage your obligations and activities (do it carefully so you don’t squander your time!). Stay close to God and the sacraments and you’re set up for success. Learn from your mistakes and try again (no matter how many times) in the case of failure. It’s important to surround yourself with good people who want the best for you, and from my experience there is no shortage of these types of people in the Catholic community here at UMD!”