Joey Grillo

Expected Graduation: May 2019

Major: Graphic Design

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Music, playing guitar, singing, songwriting, snow skiing, wakeboarding, hunting, and fishing.

What is your biggest surprise about college?

“How many different sorts of groups and clubs are available to students.”

What is your least favorite trend? 


What do you like about the community at Newman?

“My favorite part of the Newman community is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. I have met some of my closest friends by attending events put on by Newman, and it is so cool how we are all able to make those friendships and move together towards Christ. It really makes you feel like you are part of a community, and that is something that can really help anyone who is moving away from home for the first time.”

Why should other students at UMD come to an event? 

“Students should come to events, Mass, Bible Studies, or Rosary because the teachings we have access to by attending really give young adults a great template for living a fulfilling and overall better life. Some parts of college life seem to promote sort of a toxic way of living, but by living our lives through Christ’s teachings during this very important developmental stage in our lives, we can experience the positive impact that it has on our friendships, relationships, daily routine, and overall quality of life. I have found personally that living a life built around the ideals taught at Newman as well as the Catholic church as a whole can really help you manage the day to day problems and stresses that every college student experiences.”

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year?

“Take a few deep breaths, and really try to take these next few years in. College is a very intimidating idea to anyone who is making the step to continue their education. However, these next few years are going to give you the chance to learn a lot, try new things, and develop friendships that can last a lifetime. Most importantly, make sure to hold onto your faith, it is nothing to be ashamed of, and there are a lot more catholics out there than you think there are, you just have to find them and attending Newman makes that very easy.”