Teddy Colling

Expected Graduation: May 2019

Major: Communication

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

“I love playing basketball, hanging in my hammock, sleeping, and learning.”

What is your favorite collegiate meal?

“My favorite collegiate meal is probably a *grilled* pb&j sandwich.”

What is your favorite view in Duluth? 

“My favorite view in Duluth is at Chester Park—it’s gorgeous this time of year!!”

What do you like about the community at Newman?

“At bulldogCatholic, I’ve found that we’re more of a family than a community. I love that we’re centered around God, and that we’re all about bringing new people, Catholic or not, into the family. I’m in love with the people, the mission, and purpose that UMD Newman cultivates.”

Why should other students at UMD come to an event?

“If you’re another student already attending UMD, bulldogCatholic is waiting for you! We want for you to come and show yourself at our events (shown on our website and our Facebook page): Bible Study, Morning Prayer, Rosary Night, Daily or Sunday Mass, or anything on our calendar. Why? Well, it’s simple actually. You are loved, you are important, and you are invited! I cannot overstate the amount of outpouring joy and receptivity I was met with the first time I walked through the door at the Newman House. The real game-changer though, is entering into God’s presence in the Adoration Chapel, and the best part of that is there are no pre-requisites–just show up, as you are!”

What advice would you give Catholic high school seniors who are anxious about college next year?

“To you Catholic high school students: It’s only going to get trickier for you to practice your faith unless you make the individual, personal decision to invest in a relationship with God during (and hopefully beyond) your college years. You will soon be given the responsibility to choose the Lord, the best news is that He chooses you each and every moment. Here’s a tip that will make it easier to strive after the Savior: Find a running mate! Whether or not you’re physically running, having someone to trust in and grow with will make your crosses more bearable. My dudes, find a brother you can trust. My ladies, find a sister you can trust. And always, always go back to God when you sin. The confessional is a HUGE victory for you!”